3Logic Group's science technology center carries out the development of schematic solutions, industrial design, engineering design, prototyping and mass production of computer equipment under its own brand and to order under the brand name of customers with the inclusion in the Register of Russian electronic products

Graviton is

client and server systems included in the Register of Russian radio-electronic products, systems based on Russian processors Elbrus and Baikal and embedded solutions

We create standard and specialized integrated solutions

From client systems for office tasks
Up to automated enterprise management systems and «smart city» systems

How do we work

We provide a complete lifecycle of the solution - from the idea to implementation and a subsequent service
Task analysis and concept development

Based on an idea, analogue or prototype, we develop a concept for a future device, prepare a feasibility study for a solution and a technical task for development

Development of a schematic solution

In accordance with the technical task, we develop the circuit design and trace the boards, and after optimization and successful simulation of the solution, we produce product samples and conduct several testing cycles

Industrial design and prototyping

We work out the ergonomics, design of components and appearance of devices, taking into account their technical purpose, future use scenarios and marketing strategy

Manufacturing and author's supervision

We organize a chain of cooperation, carry out author`s supervision during the development of production and the subsequent mass production of products and arrange for inclusion in the Register of Russian radio-electronic products

Delivery and service

The 3Logic Group service department and certified service partners carry out regular and warranty maintenance of computing equipment throughout Russia, both in specialized centers and on-site

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